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The Western Kentucky University Dance Program is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Dance and offers a Bachelor of Arts and a minor in dance. The WKU Dance Program provides an environment conducive to comprehensive training in performance, choreography, and dance theory within the framework of a liberal arts education. By integrating dance and general studies, WKU creates “Thinking Artists,” individuals who work to achieve their highest potential as artists, technicians, and scholars by providing. Dance majors study ballet, jazz, modern, and tap dance with opportunity to train further in a chosen genre or enhanced topics. Coursework also includes improvisation, choreography, visual media for dance, dance theory courses, pointe, and technical theatre classes. Faculty work closely with students, advising them in course selection, undergraduate assessments, and the development of WKU funded research and creative activity. Performances and choreographic opportunities are available to students through fall and spring semesters.

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