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Recruiter FAQs

What is the schedule for the MARCAs event?

          The MARCAs will take place this year on Friday, November 15th, and Saturday, November 16th. The                    schedules for Acting/Directing, Design/Tech, and Dance all vary on the day. The schedules can be found             on the Recruiter Schedule page.

What is the structure for the Acting/Musical Theatre auditions?

          Once tables are setup, recruiters will gather in Pfleeger auditorium for a brief welcome from EgoPo

          Classic Theater and the faculty of Rowan's Department of Theatre and Dance. Auditions will commence

          immediately afterwards, with students performing either two monologues or a monologue and a song in

          two minute slots. There will be three blocks of auditions with one TBD block for walk-ups. This schedule

          can be found on the Recruiter Schedule page.

What is the structure for the Design/Tech interviews?

          Once the students have completed setting up their design presentations in Boyd Auditorium, recruiters

          will start their interviews. This schedule can be found on the Recruiter Schedule page.

What is the structure for the Dance auditions?

          The students will audition in 3 back-to-back groups of approximately 20 dancers in three different forms

          per group: ballet, modern, and movement improvisation. This schedule can be found on the Recruiter

          Schedule page. Please note: construction is almost complete for the new dance studios at Wilson Hall just

          off of Boyd Lobby. If these studios are complete by MARCAs, Dance auditions will occur here. If not,

          Dance auditions will occur in Pfleeger.

What does a CALLBACK look like at the MARCAs?

          Upon completion of the auditions, recruiters will record what students they would like to visit their tables

          to discuss their programs and scholarships - we call these invitations "callbacks." Regardless, students are

          encouraged to visit whatever program's tables they are interested in visiting.

Where do the MARCAs take place?

          The MARCAs take place throughout Wilson Hall at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ.

What hotels are near Rowan?

           For a list of nearby hotels, please visit the Lodgings page.


How do I get to Rowan?

           Whether you are driving, flying, or taking the Amtrak, please visit the Transportation for detailed options.

What restaurants are around Rowan?

           Please visit the Restaurants page for nearby meal options.

If you have any questions that were not answered above,

please email

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