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2023 Student Schedule

Students will be assigned specific check-in times based on their audition slots. These check-in times will be emailed to students a few days before the event.

Additionally, parents may enjoy the 2nd floor Boyd Lounge while students are auditioning. Parents are not permitted the student holding room or audition spaces, but may join their students during the College Fair.

***All student minors must be accompanied by an adult parent, guardian, or teacher***

Acting/Musical Theatre


9:15AM       Group I warmup

9:30AM      Auditions I (1 hour)

10:15AM     Group II warmup

10:30AM    Auditions II (1 hour)

11:15AM       Group III warmup

11:30AM     Auditions III (1 hour)

12:45PM     Group IV warmup

1:00PM    Auditions IV (1 hour)

1:45PM     Group V warmup

2:00PM    Auditions V (1 hour)

2:45PM     Group VI warmup

3:00PM    Auditions VI (1 hour)

4:30PM       Callbacks Posted

4:45PM      College Fair Begin

6:30PM      End of Day



9:00AM     Start setting up tables

                    with presentations

12:30PM     Interviews (until 2:30)

4:30PM      Callbacks Posted

4:45PM      College Fair Begin

6:30PM      End of Day



12:00PM    CHECK-IN

1:00PM      Auditions I (45 minutes)

1:45PM       Auditions II (45 minutes)

2:30PM      Callbacks Posted

2:45PM       College Fair Begin

5:00PM      End of Day

Check-in for all disciplines will occur at Wilson Hall
Warmup for Acting/MT auditions will be held in room 114 at Wilson Hall
Design/Tech Interviews will occur in room 107 at Wilson Hall

Acting/MT/Design/Tech College Fair will be held in the Business Hall of Rohrer College of Business

Dance Auditions, Callbacks, and College Fair will be held in the Dance Studios at Wilson Hall

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