Audition Requirements

The information below will give you an idea of what to begin preparing.  Once registered, you will receive an email with updates and important information regarding preparation.
*Please Note: The information below is in regards to the previous 2021 year. Dates and other information is subject to change.


Students interested in acting programs will prepare two contrasting monologues. There is a two minute time limit to these monologues, not including your slate/introduction of yourself.  Recordings for virtual applicants over two minutes in length may not be viewed to the end.  Students will also need to upload or bring their most recent resume. To register, click here.


Students wanting to audition for musical theatre programs should prepare one monologue and one song. The total audition time, beginning with the student's first action after their slate, may not exceed two minutes. 


Recordings for virtual applicants must include accompaniment (no a cappella singing).


All in-person students will be required to upload sheet music online by October 29, 2021.  Students will also need to upload or bring their most recent resume. To register, click here.

Note: There will be no dance/movement component of this year's musical theater auditions.


Students wishing to audition for Dance programs will record a video submission which will include a demonstrated dance phrase and an assigned movement prompt.  You can see the demonstration by Rowan University dance professor, Dawn Marie Bazemore, here (link to be updated shortly). Students may be asked to submit a secondary video involving the choreography they learned for the first. A full description of these requirements will be provided upon registration. If you have any questions , please contact Students will also need to upload their most recent resume when submitting their audition video. To register, click here.​

TECH (Design, Production, Management)

Candidates interested in a technical theatre program, such as design, technical direction, stage management, etc, will need to create an electronic portfolio of your work. This portfolio should include a current resume, images and a brief description of your work. Examples could include images of sets you helped create, rendering & draftings, videos and/or sound clips, or selections from a prompt book. ​These digital files will be uploaded for all applicants, and in-person presentations will take place on November 6th, 2021, with virtual applicant interviews held remotely. To register, click here.