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Our Producing Partner

The Mid-Atlantic Regional College Theatre and Dance Auditions are produced by 

EgoPo - Spring Awakening.JPG
Seagull - EgoPo.jpg
Cathy Simpson - ROCKABY - Photo by Kylie Westerbeck - 2MB.jpg

EgoPo Classic Theater reimagines and transforms classic theater and literature into living breathing stories that communicate the experiences of all human beings. They redefine and expand the idea of classics by reintroducing diverse works that that have been omitted from the canon and re-bodying and re-voicing familiar works so that they are filtered through our contemporary perspectives. They begin with a deep commitment to the essence of the original texts and reawaken them through radically innovative and physically dynamic stagings to create unforgettable theatrical events.

EgoPo is celebrating it's 30th year producing. Visit their site for more information on EgoPo or their
2023-2024 Crossing Oceans Season



Photos above: Spring Awakening, 2007; The Seagull, 2017; Rockaby, 2021

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