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Our Mission

The mission of the USA Department of Theatre & Dance is to develop engaged students through intensive educational and production opportunities within the context of a liberal arts environment, promoting theatre and dance as both collaborative art forms as well as agents for change within society.

Our Goals

For our majors, we combine quality pre-professional training with a solid academic core in order to prepare our students for a variety of careers: from entry-level positions in theatre, film, and dance, to opportunities in a variety of fields requiring solid communication and collaborative skills.

For our departmental minors and general education students, we offer academic and workshop opportunities designed to acquire knowledge and skills specific to both the field and to their general knowledge, as well as the chance to engage in a variety of productions.

For our audience, both the university community and beyond, we provide wide-ranging, exciting seasons of quality theatre that serve both to entertain and educate, focused ultimately on a greater understanding of the human experience.

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