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At UMBC we believe that theatre is an ever-changing art form, responding to and creating new ideas that confront our ethical, political, and artistic ideas and practices. Degree programs leading to an Acting, BFA, a Theatre BA; Theatre Studies Track, or a Theatre BA; Design & Production Track provide students with the interdisciplinary skills to become actively engaged with their art and with the world around them. A dedicated faculty focuses on each student’s evolution as an artist and as a person, making the study of theatre at UMBC a life-changing experience that stimulates, challenges and inspires.

New Ways and New Plays — Our Vision for the Future: UMBC Theatre fosters artistically innovative and socially engaged graduates in a leading liberal arts program. Using the latest technologies and practices, we experiment with theatrical forms, create provocative new work, and give voice where it is most needed.

Degree Programs

UMBC Offers Two Degrees: a BA in Theatre (two tracks), and a BFA in Acting

All theatre/acting majors take the same core courses, and have opportunities to participate in production, scholarship, creative work, and/or internships.

BA in Theatre: Design and Production Track

For students focusing on one or more areas of theatre design and/or production: lighting, sound, set, costume.

BA in Theatre Theatre Studies Track

For students with multiple interests, and/or planning to double-major.

BFA in Acting

For students who want conservatory style acting training within their honors university education. Students must enter via audition or evaluation.

There’s also a Minor in Theatre for those students who are interested in being involved in Theatre, but may be pursuing a major in another department. Opportunities in the Minor are as varied as the students who desire to pursue it.

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