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Our BFA programs (Performance, Production and Music Theatre) evolve from the belief that the best theatre experiences are based on the collaborative efforts of well-informed theatre artists. Students are presented with a sequential series of courses unique to their chosen discipline. Curricula and carefully crafted production calendars are designed to develop an advanced understanding of the art of theatre, focused study within the discipline and applied production opportunities. Additionally, each student is given careful, individual attention as well as shared insight and mentorship in the practical side of the “business”.

Our BA in Theatre provides a broad exposure to the Theatre Arts. In the process students are afforded the opportunity to actively participate in our production program while building a firm foundation in the full spectrum of Theatre. Students complete a Minor in a field of their choice.

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Joe Chrest
Known for Stranger Things 
and True Detective


Conchata Ferrell
Known for Two and a Half Men
and Edward Scissorhands


Justin McElroy
Known for Trolls World Tour 
and The Adventure Zone

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VTA Curious.jpg
VTA Curious.jpg
VTA Alabama 2.jpg
vta guys 2.jpg
vta cabaret.jpg
vta romeo 2.jpg
vta clybourne.jpg
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