The BFA in Acting for Theatre, Film and Television at Long Island University Brooklyn is designed for students interested in thorough conservatory studio training in acting on stage in live performance, and on camera in film and television. This exciting program offers students a comprehensible sequence of study that has a viable, professional application, and prepares them for the modern acting industry.

In addition to robust acting training, our students are prepared to be creators and producers of new work. The program covers the important facets of on-stage and behind the stage theatre, and on-camera and behind the camera film and video practice and craft. In the final year, students work with a mentor to create final projects in their chosen fields of theatre, film, television, or any combination thereof. This project is the culmination of the BFA program and prepares students for the field of their choice in the professional realm.




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To or ask questions about the program or to schedule a campus visit, please email Assistant Director of Admissions Murtaza Kapasi at

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