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Because performance happens everywhere. 


We prepare you to make, design it, write it, respond to it. And use it to change the world.  A broad and flexible curriculum culminating in a unique senior thesis project. You’ll earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre, or Theatre with a Musical Theatre Track.  From the first week on campus you will belong to a professionally modeled theatre company, Theatre-by-the-Grove, where you will practice what you learn in the classroom and studios. You may also enrich your learning with dance courses and participation in IUP Dance Theatre.   

Unique value added Certificates are available in dance pre-therapy, leadership, and pedagogy/research. You can also apply your art to the world with a Certificate in Applied Theatre. Build simulation skills and social justice applications. Train to become a teaching artist in schools and community settings. 

In time you will become capable of creating your own work in ensemble. You will have the opportunity to create your own work in student produced Acorn Projects.  You will graduate knowing that wherever you plant yourself next you will grow and flourish. 

Notable Alumni

Bruce Graham - Philadelphia Playwright

Ian Gallanar - Founding Artistic Director, Chesapeake Shakespeare Co.

Tricia Rae Stahl - Recurring Character, Glee

Brenna Geffers - Philadelphia director and theatre-maker, founder Die-Cast theatre collective

Natalie Palamides - voice actress and comedy performer, voice of "Buttercup" and creator of Nate - A One Man Show

Walt Gray III, actor and Sony game producer

Pat Adams - Production Stage Manager, Wilma Theatre, Philadelphia

Geoff Maus - Broadway and National Tour Stage Manager

Rebecca Brenner - Founder, Park City (UT) Holistic Health

Phillip Chavira – co-producer of Eclipsed, non-profit leader and finance director


For more information about IUP, ​call 724-357-2965 or email

Department office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am-Noon and 1:00pm-4:00pm.


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