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As the human soul is transformed through meaningful connection to the arts, students at High Point University can expect active participation in their personal transformations. Our expert Theater and Dance faculty knows that we

demand much of our students, as they explore vulnerability and hone their craft. As professional Artist-Mentors, we will “walk the walk” with each and every one of our students, as each becomes a self-motivated, courageous, and
decisive professional.

Critical skills, refined in both the studio and in production, promote sustainable professional success in and beyond the discipline for our Company Members. Students engaging in the arts at High Point University find a community, defined by mutual-respect, with a mission to foster agency, resiliency, adaptability, creativity, and integrity. Ours is a welcoming and supportive environment. We honor our professional obligation to help our students become superior communicators, makers and doers, those who know how to express their humanity, and how to empathize with the world around them, regardless of their path ahead.

Our students awaken their potential, develop a personal artistic voice, and cultivate the life skills to compete effectively in a wide range of professions in which collaboration, deadline management, leadership, adaptability, and innovation are vital, including the arts, entertainment, media, law, education, business, and marketing. We encourage our students to become active global citizens. Our graduates are the proficient artists, arts advocates, and powerful professionals of the future. Theater and Dance at High Point University ignites a passion to lead a well-examined life and change the world for the better.

We have an active production schedule, producing a fall and spring dance concert, a fall musical, and three plays each year. In addition, we offer focused performance opportunities for students to produce their own work, participate in other student’s work, and participate in performances on and off campus.

We regularly offer workshops and master classes with faculty and renowned guest artists. In the past few years, we've workshopped and produced new plays with award winning playwrights Jessica Dickey and John Cariani, held workshops on cold auditioning, playwriting, Shakespeare, and auditioning for the camera, and held master classes or set new work with guest artists in hip-hop, Afro-cuban, ballet, and contemporary dance.

We operate under a “Company Philosophy,” where we view our entire department as a working Theater & Dance company. All members work on every production, getting many opportunities to sharpen their skills. Our goal is to equip you with a multiplicity of skills that will make you highly marketable and versatile artists upon graduation.

We are proud to have received the following recognitions from Onstage Blog:
Top 30 College Acting/Performing Arts Programs for 2019 - 2020
Number 1 "underrated" theatre college in the Mid-Atlantic Region
Top 25 BA Theatre Program for 2018 - 2019
Top 10 BA Theatre program for 2016 - 2017

Our small class sizes and company philosophy guarantee that you will find meaningful mentorship and experience alongside a community of supportive peers and faculty. We are dedicated to guiding and challenging you as you embark on your transformation and discover your personal artistic voice.

High school students interested in learning more about our program are invited to submit their information at
We will schedule visits with faculty that include auditions or portfolio review. Auditions are not required for admission, but will qualify you for Departmental scholarships.


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