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You know how much dance means to you. The unique thrill of performance, the community you’ve found, maybe the mentor who means more than you can say — these things will always be an important part of how you got to where you are right now. Let’s talk about how we can help you make dance an even more important part of your future. 

The dance program at Coker University is not like other programs. There is room in your schedule to explore what interests you, so you’re not locked into a rigid set of degree requirements. You will be surprised to learn how much you can do with an undergraduate dance degree. 

Our community is intimate enough that you’ll get the kind of individual attention that fuels remarkable development. You won’t be the same dancer by graduation — that’s guaranteed. However, we have many of the resources you would normally find in a much larger program, including outstanding facilities and access to world-class instruction from our faculty and guest artists. When you add it all up, we believe our program is just the right size for ideal growth and student development. 

We have distinct degree options that fit many different dance interests and career paths. You will find study abroad opportunities that open doors for you to learn about dance and culture around the world. There is so much available to you here that we can only begin to start showing you what’s possible, but here’s an overview of what we can offer you as a member of the Coker dance community.

Coker University is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD).

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Guest Artists

The dance community and program at Coker is well-respected and draws distinguished guest artists from renowned companies across the country. As a student you will have the tremendous benefit of first-hand access to these professional artists in our discipline through performances, residencies, master classes, lectures, and informal Q&A sessions. Take a few minutes to explore the breadth and caliber of a handful of our recent guest artists:

Trisha Brown Dance Company
● CONTRA TIEMPO / Urban Latin Dance Theater
● Sean Curran Company
● Adele Myers and Dancers
● George Staib
● Teena Marie Custer
● Urban Bush Women
● Doug Varone
● David Dorfman


Recent alumni have gone on to teach or perform with some of the following
organizations Asha Dance Company, Charlotte Ballet (Instructor), Dakshina Dance
Company, Dance Place (Washington, DC), Dancefx Charleston, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company II, Mufuka Works Dance Company, Power Company Collaborative, and Sarah Berges Dance.

Recent graduates from the McCall School of Visual and Performing Arts have attended graduate school at Antioch College, Coastal Carolina University, Drexel University, Florida State University, New York University, Sarah Lawrence College, Texas Tech University School of Theatre and Dance, University of Georgia, University of South Carolina, Wayne State University, and Winthrop University.

"Everyone is here for the same reason: to learn and grow as dancers and to support each
other along the way. I love the friendships and relationships I have built since being
here—we are like one big family!" -Emerson Joyner, '20

"At Coker, the faculty definitely had a plan for me. The professors see you and know you,
and they work with you." - Tyler DeLoatch, 18'

“One of the best things that Coker does is to make sure that you know
who you are as an artist” - Tierra Foxworth ‘16
Selected by the American College Dance Association (ACDA) to perform at the Kennedy
Center in Washington DC. ACDA and Dance Magazine’s 2016 Award for Outstanding
Student Performance


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