Audition Requirements

Read below for each program's specific audition requirements.  To learn more about Self Taping please visit here!


Students interested in acting programs should prepare two contrasting monologues. There is a two minute time limit to these monologues, not including your slate/introduction of yourself.  Recordings over two minutes in length may not be viewed to the end.  Students will also need to upload their most recent resume when submitting their video audition. To register, click here.



Students wanting to audition for musical theatre programs should prepare one monologue and one song. The total audition time, beginning with the student's first action after their slate, may not exceed
two minutes.  The one song of your choice does need accompaniment (no a cappella singing). Musical Theatre students also have the option of submitting a one minute dance clip. This is open to some interpretation and flexibility. Students could demonstrate skills in tap, jazz, modern, improvisation, or musical theatre. Student must be clearly featured. Music is not required but often helpful. Students will also need to upload their most recent resume when submitting their audition video. To register, click here.


Students wishing to audition for Dance programs will record a video submission which will include a demonstrated dance phrase and an assigned movement prompt.  Once the registration process is completed, video will be shared with students demonstrating the choreography they will be expected to recreated. Students will also need to upload their most recent resume when submitting their audition video. To register, click here.



Candidates interested in a technical theatre program, such as design, technical direction, stage management, etc, will need to create an electronic portfolio of your work. This portfolio should include a current resume, images and a brief description of your work. Examples could include images of sets you helped create, rendering & draftings, videos and/or sound clips, or selections from a prompt book. To register, click here.




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