MARCAS Overview

Welcome to the 2020 Mid-Atlantic Regional College Theatre and Dance Auditions!  In an effort to follow state and university regulations, as well as provide a safe socially distanced event, the MARCAs are going virtual!

The auditions will be held in a fully remote format, allowing students to submit self-taped audition videos. All videos are due by December 12, 2020. Recruiters will have access to view these videos at their leisure, though we request that ALL institutions submit their callback lists no later than end-of-day December 18, 2020

As the College Recruitment Fair is an important part of the MARCAs, we do not want to lose that experience in our remote format.  With each program’s registration, we ask that they include a date and time when they will hold their own callback/recruitment session. Please remember that these callbacks are not performative, but a chance for students to meet your institutions and get more information about your programs. If you have any questions please contact us at

Recruiter registration will remain at the low price of $150 per program, while the student fee will be lowered to $25 per student. As a part of the registration fee, recruiters will be provided with access to all student audition videos.

Their institutions will also be featured on the MARCAS Virtual College Fair website.  

As a part of the Virtual College Fair, we ask that all programs be prepared to submit:

  • 1 high quality image of their institution's logo

  • 3 to 5 high quality photos that highlight your program

  • Brief description of your program to give interested students more insight on the unique offerings available there

  • Any information on notable alumni

  • Brief video overview/introduction of program or institution (if available)


Our goal is to create an event that meets the needs of both students and professors.  To that end we will:


  1. Maximize the number of students by keeping registration fees low and keeping the time limit on all Acting/MT auditions to 2 minutes; showcasing Design-Tech students with online portfolios; providing a demonstrated Dance phrase and a movement prompt that all dance students will be required to recreate.

  2. Provide clear information regarding all institutions callback processes

  3. Keep the recruiting to only BA, BS, BM and BFA college programs, as well as accredited certification and summer intensive programs

  4. Have an audition resume reference available for each of you with students’ contact info and criteria for choosing colleges, so you only recruit those who are a good match.

  5. Keep the event to only auditions and recruiting: no workshops to teach or adjudication.

Please check out the rest of our site to Register, familiarize yourself with the Audition Requirements given to the students, and check out our Remote Schedule. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact us at